where There is a ground wire, people will not be electrocuted?

Where there is a ground wire, people will not be electrocuted?

The answer is NO.

Case 1: Ground fault

The ground electrode is the key. when the grounding is intact, and the earth wire leads from it correctly, then it can protect the human body. If the ground fault or leakage, the current will go through the human body. where people play the role of “grounding wire“. which causes people death.

Case 2: Non-casing contact electrocution

One end of the grounding wire connects to the earth electrode. The other end connects to the casing. when the appliance casing carries electricity, the current will flow through the grounding wire to the earth, which avoids human electrocution. Except for the casing, there may be contact with live wires or live water flows. etc. which will result in many kinds of death. An earthing wire only can prevent one kind of electrocution.

Therefore, we should buy good quality appliances, to ensure they will not leak. and meanwhile, we need some Anti-electric shock devices, such as a leakage protector, and an anti-electric wall. etc.

Please pay attention to the safety of electricity in our life.