TRACE HF CCS PE45 TRACER WIRE Optical Fiber Direct Burial Application

General Clad provide the professional copper clad steel grounding & earthing solution for our clients from all over the world.


Applications and Information:

TRACE HF-CCS PE45 is used for tracer wire applications not exceeding 30 Volts. Tracer wire is used to conductively locate buried utility lines for the gas, water, sewer, telecommunication, and electrical markets.



Tracer wire for open-cut installation shall be a 12 AWG solid, HF-CCS PE45. Conductor shall be annealed, 21% IACS, copper-clad steel, utilizing a AISI 1006 low carbon steel core with minimum break load of 282 lbs or 55,000 psi (required to meet break load, flexbility, and ASTM B910). Conductor shall be extruded with a 45 mil, high density, high molecular weight polyethylene (HMW-HDPE) persuant to ASTM D1248.



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