Overview, Function and Development of Tracer Wire

Firstly, an overview of undergrounding wire

With the further popularization of PE pipes and natural gas and water supply industries, the gas tracer wire medium/low-pressure pipe network will gradually replace steel pipes and cast iron pipes with PE pipes.

Since PE pipes are not conductive and magnetic, it is impossible to track PE pipes, which will bring inconvenience to future pipeline maintenance, so trace lines also appear.

At present, the commonly used undergrounding wire on the market include copper-clad steel tracer wire, thin-film steel wire pressed wire, and electric tracer wire.

Secondly, the role of the tracer wire

1. This wire can us detect, track and locate the pipeline

2. Lay the tracer line and PE pipe together. Generally, use a metal core.

Signals are applied to the metal line through detection equipment, and the detection receiver receives the signal to find the accurate position of the tracer wire, that is, synchronously trace to the PE gas pipeline.

The specific location of the PE pipe to facilitate the transformation and maintenance of the PE pipe.

Thirdly, the development of the tracer wire

The development of the undergrounding wire has gone through three generations:

1. The first-generation tracer wires use a matrix of aluminum foil and plastic film. Aluminum foil is mainly used for signal transmission, and the mother body is fixed aluminum foil.

The shortcomings of this kind of tracer wire are: the aluminum foil has very low strength, it is easy to break even during reproduction and transportation, and it is easy to be damaged when laying.

At the same time, the resistance of the aluminum foil is very large, and the effective detection distance and depth are limited.

2. The second-generation undergrounding wire use steel wire and plastic film. These wires use steel wire as a conductor. It has high resistance and limited detection distance, which is difficult to meet actual needs.

3. The third-generation undergrounding wire is a copper-clad steel metal core with a PE outer protective layer, with a linear appearance.

The third-generation tracer wire is currently the main product of our company. The following is our sample for your reference

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