How to detect buried plastic pipes, locating Wire plays a big role!

Buried plastic pipelines, when there without metal or liquid in the pipeline.

Locating Wire has the characteristics of



3.basic insulation

Methods such as metal detection are difficult to identify. And detecting buried plastic pipes is a worldwide problem.

In practice, when the goverment need to replace and repair the pipe, as well as pipeline reconstruction construction.

If metal detection can not locat it by metal detection, you can use the following methods to locate buried plastic pipes.

First, you should find out the construction drawings of the corresponding project. And to roughly determine the location, direction and depth of buried pipes.
Then, use acoustic positioning method to determine the location of the pipe.
Finally, for missing construction drawings or construction drawing standards are not clear. The location of the pipeline can be determined directly by the acoustic positioning method.

The method uses acoustic positioning equipment.

Based on the acoustic detection principle, locating Wire consists of two parts: transmitting and receiving.

The audio driver is connected to the exposed fittings and pipes in the inspection wells of the piping system by means of a conversion joint.

Apply a specific combination of frequency acoustic signals to it, acoustic signals drive the pipe resonance and propagation to the far end, propagation process part of the acoustic energy can reach the ground surface.

We then receive the corresponding acoustic signals along the road surface through the handheld receiving device, through the headset within the feedback acoustic signal strength and digital display of acoustic wave size combination judgment, so as to quickly locate the buried plastic pipe location

In conclusion, this method is highly efficient and accurate.

For the pipeline without metal and no liquid buried plastic pipes.

The most convenient and simple tracing method is to use the installation of metal tracer line system.

Acoustic positioning method increases labor and equipment costs, is not conducive to maintenance and replacement. So the metal tracer system of buried PE gas pipe, buried PE drainage pipe is still the more common method.