What’s the purpose for a car to install ground wire?

Vehicle grounding is not uncommon. If equipped vehicles with a grounding device, it can play a good role in safety protection.

1–Discharge static electricity

Static electricity is often encountered in our daily life. which will hit people when opening the car door in winter. Once a high electrostatic voltage, it will cause sparks when discharging. If just there is a gas station or other flammable and explosive places, that will be very dangerous. If a car with earthing wire belt, then it will discharge the accumulated static electricity into the ground, to ensure the safety of individuals and vehicles.

2– The discharge of lightning current

Lightning will strike cars during thunderstorms occasionally. So, another benefit of installing ground wire in cars is that it can effectively prevent lightning strikes from thunderstorms. The grounding wire is in direct contact with the ground, so it can act as a conductor of electricity and can be led directly to the earth, thus avoiding as much as possible the damage to the car from lightning strikes.

In summary, we could see that the car with a ground wire is very scientific, and can play a very good protective effect.