Tracer Wire for Gas/Water Supply Plastic Piping Systems

Pipes made of plastic material, due to their great advantages:

  1. Convenient construction
  2. The project cost is lower than that of steel pipes
  3. There is no corrosion leakage problem
  4. Less pollution to the transported substances

In recent years, it has been widely used in the construction of urban buried pipeline network.

We often use it when delivering gas and water pipes.

Although plastic pipes have many advantages, low strength is their biggest weakness.
In the past municipal construction, since the exact location of the pipeline was not very clear, it was easy for construction machinery to cut it off and dig out the leaks.

The resulting gas leakage and explosion accidents also occur from time to time, so it is very necessary to detect and demarcate the location of the underground plastic pipes.

Plastic pipes are non-conductive and non-magnetic.
After burying it in the ground, we cannot directly detect its underground spatial location on the ground.
This creates obstacles for future maintenance and other construction.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology.
It is extremely important to provide a tracer wire for gas/water supply plastic piping systems.
In order to directly detect the underground space position of plastic pipes on the ground.
It is convenient for future maintenance and other construction.

Features of Tracer Wire for Gas/Water Supply Plastic Piping Systems:

  1. At least one steel core
  2. There is a copper layer on the surface of the steel core
  3. The steel core plated with a copper layer has an outer protective layer
  4. Polyethylene (PE) material outer protective layer

Using this type of tracer wire when laying gas/water supply plastic pipes, we can easily detect the plastic pipe position in the future.
During detection, a current signal of a certain intensity is added to the tracer.
We can determine the spatial position of the tracer by detecting the position of the center of the electromagnetic field generated by the tracer current.
So as to achieve the purpose of determining the location of buried plastic pipes.

Advantages of this type of tracer:

  1. To facilitate future maintenance and other construction
  2. Prevent construction machinery from digging, digging, and leaking gas/water supply pipes
  3. Prevent the occurrence of gas leakage and explosion accidents caused by this


  1. Insulation
  2. Anticorrosion
  3. Waterproof
  4. Strong electrical signal
  5. High tensile strength of wire
  6. The same life as polyethylene (PE) pipes