GENERAL CLAD developed revolutionary 40H copper clad aluminum wire material for wire & cable industry.

According to ASTM-B566 standard, there are only two types of copper clad aluminum available which are 10% copper volume and 15% copper volume. Both are widely used in wire & cable industry all over the world and replace copper in many applications. While, as the maximum conductivity offered by the current 10% and 15% CCA is only 1/3 of copper, lots of high quality cables could not able to use CCA as the conductor.

General Clad successfully developed the special copper clad aluminum wire with 40% copper volume that offers 82% IACS conductivity as well as 280 Mpa tensile strength when the density is only 5.23 g/cm3 which is only 58.76% of copper.

With this new CCA material, General Clad is able to help our clients save at least 30% of their current cost compared with pure copper when mechanical performance of the cable remain the same.

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