About us

clad Metal


R&D footprint

  • 2010 Started the development of copper clad material as a technical team
  • 2011 Developed the first copper cladded Steel wire for Jewelry industry.
  • 2012 Change company name to General Clad Co., Ltd and developed EHS copper clad steel wire for China Railway
  • 2016 Granted patent for producing Aluminum Clad Steel wire and developed EHS copper clad steel wire for China State Grid.
  • 2017 Developed EHS copper clad steel wire for Missile and Torpedo.
  • 2018 Developed 0.06mm CCS fine wire
  • 2019 Developed High Tensile Copper Clad Aluminum Alloy wire (HTCCAA)
  • 2020 Granted patent for the process and equipment to produce metal fiber.
  • 2021 Developed 316 stainless steel fiber and Titanium fiber & Fiber Felt


  • China National Standard Drafter
  • Qualified National Project Supplier
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified factory
  • Technology driven R&D team
  • Professional sales team in 4 countries with 12 years industry experience
  • A level supplier of famous brands