HTCCA : A perfect bimetallic material to help you reduce your cost on copper.

copper clad aluminum wire
General Clad Copper Clad Aluminum
HTCCA– High Tensile Copper Clad Aluminum is a light weight bimetallic material with aluminum alloy core and a concentric copper cladding. With a certain thickness of copper layer, signals within a specific frequency range transferred along the HTCCA wire will be guaranteed with the same performance as on copper with same cross section area. While, given the fact that the density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm3 when copper is 8.9g/cm3, the aluminum core in the HTCCA wire will bring down the total weight of the solid copper wire with same section area by at least 70% which is a huge reduction.
HTCCA wire
higher tensile strength copper clad aluminum wire


  • 1. High conductivity (64%-80% of Cu).

  • 2. Same tensile strength as copper wire.

  • 3. Easy to solder with copper & other metal

  • 4. Low density offers lighter weight than Copper.

  • 5. Compatible with Copper machinery

  • 6. Good drawability to fine wire.

At least 15% of your cost will be saved by using our HTCCA to replace the copper in your products.

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