Copper Clad Steel Wire Manufacturing Process

The basic process of copper clad steel wire forming is mainly 2 steps:
Firstly, coat the copper layer on the surface of the steel
Secondly, draw or roll to the desired finished size.
(The most critical of which is the coating process and quality of the copper layer)

There are several production methods for copper clad steel wire:

  1. Electroplating method
  2. Cladding welding method
  3. Casing coating method
  4. Hot dip coating method
  5. Copper strip crimping method

The most commonly used processing techniques in China are electroplating and cladding welding.

1. What is electroplating method?

The electroplating method applies the principle of electrolytic plating. Use the core wire as the cathode. Use the cladding metal as the anode, and plate the cladding layer on the core wire.

The electroplating tank consists of a pre-treatment tank and an electroplating tank. Through the pre-treatment tank and the electroplating tank, immerse a large length of steel wire in the electroplating tank to complete the electroplating process.

Multi-segment linear continuous copper plating and reciprocating threading continuous copper plating. This can make the wire less subject to bending and ensure sufficient plating time and plating quality.

After electroplating, the wire billet becomes CCS wire with various specifications and properties after stretching and heat treatment.

In summary

Only have thin copper layers by electroplating for CCS wires.

Moreover, the electroplating equipment is relatively large and consumes a lot of power, and electroplating is an important disadvantage of environmental pollution.

However, the electroplating process is relatively mature, and the process is relatively simple and easy to master.

The electroplating method is not very productive, but it can also achieve faster production speeds when producing thin wires.

At present, some companies mainly use in the production of copper-clad steel fine wire.

In addition, special composite wires such as tin-plated copper wires, nickel-plated copper wires, and silver-plated copper wires also mainly use this process.

1. What is cladding welding method?

The production of copper-clad steel wire by cladding welding is a relatively advanced processing technology in the world at present. Meanwhile, it is also the craft that our company General Clad currently manufactures.

It is made of high-quality and high-purity copper strip, and coat the copper layer on the steel wire.

Weld the copper-clad steel rod blank by argon arc welding, and draw the copper-clad steel after argon arc welding by special processes for many times, and then heat-treated to form wire rods of various specifications.

So what are the advantages of the cladding welding method?

Firstly, it can produce high-quality copper-clad steel wire.

Secondly, to realize the bonding of gold atoms between the copper layer and the steel core wire.

Thirdly, the copper layer is evenly distributed, with good concentricity, stable quality and good uniformity.

Then, the metallurgical bond is firm, and its surface is bright and round without any defects.

Next, in the strict twisting test, there will be no detachment, cracking or peeling like electroplated products.

Lastly, the surface is very bright, without any harm to people and the environment.

At the same time, this type of equipment can also produce copper-clad aluminum wire, stainless steel-clad steel wire, nickel-clad copper wire, etc.

However, the equipment investment is large and the process requirements are strict.