How to weld CCS ground wire

Exothermic welding method. Which is to use the weld powder in a chemical reaction, that generates ultra-high heat to melt the material to be welded, thus achieving the purpose of welding 1-Get ready the mold and the conductors. Make sure the surface of the conductors and the mold inside are clean and dry, then put them … Read more

What’s the purpose for a car to install ground wire?

Vehicle grounding is not uncommon. If equipped vehicles with a grounding device, it can play a good role in safety protection. 1–Discharge static electricity Static electricity is often encountered in our daily life. which will hit people when opening the car door in winter. Once a high electrostatic voltage, it will cause sparks when discharging. If just there is … Read more

Where there is a ground wire, people will not be electrocuted?

Where there is a ground wire, people will not be electrocuted? The answer is NO. Case 1: Ground fault The ground electrode is the key. when the grounding is intact, and the earth wire leads from it correctly, then it can protect the human body. If the ground fault or leakage, the current will go … Read more

Why does the CCS earthing wire carry electricity

There are reasons why someone choose earth wire: The neutral shared with the CCS earth wire The neutral reversed with the CCS earth wire The leakage caused a short circuit phase and CCS earth wire The earth is not equipotential. If the CCS earth wire connects to the different places of the ground, that will … Read more

Why ground wire must be installed

The ground wire, as the name suggests, connects to the earth. In the event of an electric shock, electric leakage, accidental voltage, and other dangers, can be transferred to the earth through the ground wire. It simply saves our life.

German-Australian joint hydrogen energy project launched

On March 10, the Australian and German governments jointly launched the HyGATE program, a hydrogen innovation and technology incubation program. It aims to promote cooperation between Australia and Germany to set up a hydrogen energy value chain between the two countries. Then they will find pilot, test and demonstration projects along the hydrogen supply chain. … Read more

What is a Tracer Wire?

Tracer Wire is specially designed for finding and locating underground non-metallic pipelines. It effectively solves the problem that non-metallic pipelines cannot be probed with metal pipelines. And can be widely used in the search and location of underground non-metallic pipe networks such as gas, water supply pipelines, and drainage pipelines. With the further popularization of … Read more

Construction and Application of Tracer Wire 3

An Effective Method for Detecting Trace Lines in Pipe Networks How to effectively detect the tracer line of the PE gas pipeline network? The answer is to lay the tracer wire correctly. Therefore, we must start from the construction specifications. To ensure the effectiveness of the tracer line laying. At the same time, in the … Read more

Construction and Application of Tracer Wire

Engineering construction and application of tracer line for PE polyethylene gas pipe network First, gas pipe selection of tracer lines of different materials Theoretically speaking, when detecting the tracer line of the gas pipeline network. As long as the current intensity can reach 300mA, we can get the detection structure. In actual engineering testing, the … Read more