Month: March 2023

The Development Process of Copper Clad Steel Wire

What is copper-clad steel bimetal composite conductor? Copper with high conductivity is uniformly, densely and continuously coated on the surface of high-strength steel wire. Form a tight physical or metallurgical bond. Since the 1950s. Various industrial countries in the world have carried out research, development and application of bimetallic composite wire production. They took advantage … Read more

The copper-clad steel composite grounding device is a new trend of lightning protection in power engineering

This paper discusses in detail the practicality of the new package composition. Using the cost performance ratio of investment, it expounds the low return on investment. Traditional grounding devices are made of galvanized steel. low cost. Large footprint. The cost of land acquisition is high. The welding process is backward. Poor stability. The service life … Read more

Analysis of copper-clad steel grounding wires in lightning protection grounding projects

Lightning is one of the most serious natural disasters in nature. A strong current flows through a lightning strike. The resulting mechanical force and thermal effect will seriously damage buildings. And electrical equipment, and even cause personal injury or death. Therefore, the lightning protection and grounding project is a top priority related to building and … Read more

New Applications for Copper-Clad Steel and Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire

The characteristics and application of copper clad steel wire 1. Characteristics of Copper Clad Steel Wire Copper-clad steel wire is a composite wire with a steel wire as the core and a layer of copper on the surface. Copper-clad steel wire has both the following points in performance: Advances in technology and materials have made … Read more

Copper Clad Steel Wire Manufacturing Process

The basic process of copper clad steel wire forming is mainly 2 steps:Firstly, coat the copper layer on the surface of the steelSecondly, draw or roll to the desired finished size.(The most critical of which is the coating process and quality of the copper layer) There are several production methods for copper clad steel wire: … Read more