Month: March 2022

What is a Tracer Wire?

Tracer Wire is specially designed for finding and locating underground non-metallic pipelines. It effectively solves the problem that non-metallic pipelines cannot be probed with metal pipelines. And can be widely used in the search and location of underground non-metallic pipe networks such as gas, water supply pipelines, and drainage pipelines. With the further popularization of … Read more

Construction and Application of Tracer Wire 3

An Effective Method for Detecting Trace Lines in Pipe Networks How to effectively detect the tracer line of the PE gas pipeline network? The answer is to lay the tracer wire correctly. Therefore, we must start from the construction specifications. To ensure the effectiveness of the tracer line laying. At the same time, in the … Read more

Construction and Application of Tracer Wire

Engineering construction and application of tracer line for PE polyethylene gas pipe network First, gas pipe selection of tracer lines of different materials Theoretically speaking, when detecting the tracer line of the gas pipeline network. As long as the current intensity can reach 300mA, we can get the detection structure. In actual engineering testing, the … Read more

Construction and Application of Tracer wire in Urban PE Gas Pipeline(1)

With the continuous promotion of urban gas pipeline network construction. The construction and application of PE polyethylene gas pipelines in the gas pipeline network are also gradually increasing. It has the advantages of less pollution, relatively low cost, and convenient construction. However, we often encounter a problem: In the positioning and detection of the pipeline … Read more

Green Hydrogen Preparation: Catalyst Innovation

Efficient catalysts appear to be important for green hydrogen preparation, chemical industry, fertilizer production and other economic sectors. In addition to the use of transition metals, various other metallic or non-metallic elements have now become the focus of research. Green hydrogen is an important component in a climate-neutral energy system. It is produced by electrolytically … Read more

Tracer Wire for Gas/Water Supply Plastic Piping Systems

Pipes made of plastic material, due to their great advantages: Convenient construction The project cost is lower than that of steel pipes There is no corrosion leakage problem Less pollution to the transported substances In recent years, it has been widely used in the construction of urban buried pipeline network. We often use it when … Read more