Month: November 2021

How to detect buried plastic pipes, locating Wire plays a big role!

Buried plastic pipelines, when there without metal or liquid in the pipeline. Locating Wire has the characteristics of 1.non-conductive 2.non-magnetic 3.basic insulation Methods such as metal detection are difficult to identify. And detecting buried plastic pipes is a worldwide problem. In practice, when the goverment need to replace and repair the pipe, as well as ... Read more

Why choose titanium felt for liquid/gas diffusion layer (LGDL)

At the present time, in the PEMEC, the titanium felt liquid/gas diffusion layer (LGDL) is located between the catalyst layer (CL) and the current collecting layer with a flow field. The purpose of the Titanium felt LGDL, is to transport electrons, heat, and reactants/products to and from the CL with minimal current, thermal, and fluidic … Read more

Characteristics of different thickness of titanium felt LGDL

Titanium felt LGDL Performance comparison PEMEC tests were performed with a 20ml/min flow rate of liquid water at the anode side and 80 degrees temperature; the performance and impedance results show in the Figure about titanium felt, respectively. With further research, among three different thickness titanium LGDLs in Figure. It shows that the PEMEC with … Read more

The Structure and Advantages of The Tracer Wire

The Structure: 1. PE outer protective layer: insulation, anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-aging 2. Copper layer: enhance conductivity and improve electrical signal 3. Steel core: enhance the strength of the wire body The Advantages: 1. Low resistance General Clad* Tracer Wire is composed of a copper-clad steel wire core and a PE outer protective layer. The copper layer covers the … Read more