Month: October 2021

Overview, Function and Development of Tracer Wire

Firstly, an overview of undergrounding¬†wire With the further popularization of PE pipes and natural gas and water supply industries, the gas tracer wire medium/low-pressure pipe network will gradually replace steel pipes and cast iron pipes with PE pipes. Since PE pipes are not conductive and magnetic, it is impossible to track PE pipes, which will … Read more

How to install a pipe tracer wire

Product Use: Tracer wire used for detection and tracing of buried plastic pipes. Scope of application: for instance, gas buried PE pipes, water supply buried PE, PVC pipes and non-metal buried pipes. Firstly, the items General Clad* Tracer wire Waterproof/anti-corrosion connector and access points Tools (for example: cutting pliers, scissors) Secondly, the operation steps-straight line connection … Read more