How to weld CCS ground wire

Exothermic welding method. Which is to use the weld powder in a chemical reaction, that generates ultra-high heat to melt the material to be welded, thus achieving the purpose of welding

1-Get ready the mold and the conductors. Make sure the surface of the conductors and the mold inside are clean and dry, then put them into the mold.

2-Lock the mold shall not leave a gap. Put the metal isolation piece (Disc)on the cavity of the mold.

3-Pour the weld powder into the mold, and sprinkle with starting powder on the above evenly

4-Ignite the starting powder with a torch. The heat weld powder chemical reaction makes high-temperature liquid copper, flowing into the welding mold, so that the copper-clad steel strand melted into one

5-Wait for 2 minutes to open the mold. That is, to complete a molding welding, and then clean the mold ready for the next welding